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Saffron Group was founded & established by our Chairman – Mr. Anil Bhandari, in the year 2004. Saffron Group has been delivering elegant products for over 13 years across Asia.

Chairman’s Message

“Innovation and development is not creating something new, but redefining the existing products in a modern way.”

Operating on this philosophy, we at Saffron Group have been working forward to create a revolution in the space of Profiles, Blinds, Anti-Skid Mats & Floorings. While developing our products, we not only focus on making spaces elegant but also create a conducive environment for lasting memories.

Since the upsurge of the furnishing sector in the recent past, we have stayed in the lime light. And continue to constantly design, develop & deliver innovative products. Apprehending an expansion and a manifold increase in the furnishing sector, we have ensured a stringent quality while developing our products. From top hierarchy to the operating staff, we have maintained a single point of agenda for rendering services. The efforts of our executives, staffs, associates, friends, partners, buyers and investors have been unprecedented, overwhelming and encouraging.

We promise to continue delivering quality products & services and create lasting elegance in every home and commercial space on Earth.

Anil Bhandari
Chairman, Saffron Group


We believe elegant homes & commercial spaces bring out the best from you and we are on a mission to create lasting elegance in every home and commercial space on Earth.

Brand’s & Businesses developed by Saffron group are

Saffron Proplus Pvt Ltd

Saffron Proplus is a specialist in processing and manufacturing Polymer products. Manned by technocrats with varied and in-depth experience in the treatment and development of various polymers. Saffron Proplus has made significant impact in the field of extruded plastic products since its inception in 2004.

Saffron Shades Pvt Ltd

Saffron Shades presents a unique range of Blinds, Flooring, Wall panels, False ceiling made of Art’wood & Anti-skid carpets & mats. Art’wood feels & looks like wood but it isn’t. These are the Art’wood blinds which are designed for a luxurious look.

Seuro Polymech Pvt Ltd

Seuro Polymech is a company with over a decade of experience in manufacturing networking devices like cable managers and server racks. Seuro Polymech has been a leading supplier of various types of cable managers and server racks to wholesale and retail outlets in the country.

Print Factory

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PVC Blinds in India

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